UWM Researchers

-Students, Teachers, and Staff (Eveyone with a UWM Panther ID & Account)

The Milwaukee Master Property File (MPROP) can be obtained from the American Geographical Society Library, or from the U drive.

The U drive can be accessed from the computer labs in the School of Architecture & Urban Planning in rooms 150, 158, and 194.

UWM researchers can also connect to the U drive through the SARUP Servers using UWM VPN software.


-UWM researchers and general public

MPROP data can be downloaded (ASCII or XML format) at the Map Milwaukee website.

MPROP (April 2, 2008)

Historical MPROP (December 1984 - December 2007)


Tutorial 1 Using MPROP in Microsoft Access (Standalone Database)

Tutorial 2 MPROP database using ArcMap and the Milwaukee Parcel Shapefile