What is MPROP?

MPROP is the City of Milwaukee Master Property Record. It contains the information found in Map Milwaukee applications, a great place to look for current property information. If you want to query for large numbers of records in a GIS context the City provides both data and shapefile download sites. MPROP Pal is designed to help GIS users find and utilize the data they need.

What is MAI?

MAI is the City of Milwaukee Master Address Index. It is a table containing a record for every address (most addresses) in the City. Since there may be multiple addresses for a single parcel, it has far more records than MPROP, but fewer fields. It does include land use for every address, a finer gradation than the land use attribute in MPROP. It also includes MAIL_STATUS, which has information about "no mail" conditions. See documentation below.

Why MPROP Tools?

MPROP Tools are a set of ArcMap Toolbox Tools customized to import the City XML and ASCII formats directly into dBASE files using column formats found in MPROP Documentation and MAI Documentation and similar to historical MPROP files.  The dBASE files created with these tools use significantly less file space than those created using a work around like conversion to a text file or from Excel to Access mdb.

Why an MAI Locator?

The MAI is great for generating mailing lists based on taxkey, but it would be even better to be able to automatically geocode (give X and Y coordinates to) a list of City of Milwaukee addresses. This locator uses the MAI to do exactly this task.

Sources for Everyone

-UWM researchers and general public

MPROP Data for Use in GIS Applications--Format Conforms to MPROP Documentation:

Download MPROP as dBASE or Shape File--Updated approximately monthly

Current MPROP and MAI data may be downloaded (ASCII or XML or MS Excel format) from the Map Milwaukee Download Tabular Data website:

MPROP and MAI (Current)   

MPROP Tools for ArcMap 10.x will convert MPROP.xml and MAI.xml files to dbf format. Unzip folder to a convenient location. Follow instructions in ArcMap for "adding" the Toolbox in the folder to your project. Use the appropriate tool.

MAI Locator for ArcMap 10.x uses the 2014 MAI.xml and parcel centroids from 2014 parcel file to create a single house address locator for properties in the City of Milwaukee. Unzip folder to a convenient location. Follow instructions in ArcMap for "adding" the locator in the folder to your project. Add a table of Milwaukee addresses to your project (a column named Address containing address, another column named City with city and a third column named State with state). Right-click on the table and select "Geocode Addresses". Set "Geocoding Options": side and end offsets to 0. It's always wise to set Minimum Match Score to 100 and Spelling sensitivity and Minimum candidate score low (around 10) so that many potential addresses are available to use when rematching unmatched addresses.

You can also find convenient on-line geocoding services (MAI, DIME, and MAI-then-Dime) from the City of Milwaukee here. These services have the advantage of being updated frequently (daily) and the user can now adjust offset and Minimum Match Score, but they do not use house number suffix, which may lead to small misidentification problems.

Historical MPROP Intra-Year (Most Months) Snapshots (dbf format November 2005 - July 2011) Courtesy of Milwaukee Nonprofit Center--Currently Off Line

Historical MPROP Annual Snapshots (dbf format 1975 - 2005; EXCEL format 2006 - 2014) from the City of Milwaukee

Parcel outline shapefile data may be downloaded (shp format) at the Map Milwaukee Download Map Data website:

Parcel Outline Shapefile to which MPROP in dbf format can be joined (Current)

Historical Parcel Shapefiles for joining same year MPROP in dbf format (2001 - 2002; 2007 - 2014)

Historical Parcel Shapefiles with Joined MPROP data (May 2015) on MPROP Pal

Historical Parcel Shapefiles with Joined MPROP data (2010 - 2011) Courtesy of Milwaukee Nonprofit Center --Currently Off Line

Sources for UWM Researchers

-Students, Teachers, and Staff (Eveyone with a UWM Panther ID & Account)

The Milwaukee Master Property File (MPROP) may be obtained from the American Geographical Society Library Geospatial Data, or from the U drive.

U:\MPROP\ may be accessed from the computers in the School of Architecture & Urban Planning. It contains the Historical MPROP dbfs found at the City download site.