Mapping a drive to the WEBGIS Server

The zip files contains a batch file. You extract from zipfile, and double click the batch file.

The Script's names is mapWebGIS.bat

If not, you can run a Command line using :
net use M: \\\arcgis$

Or manually map M: drive to \\\arcgis$

Database Connection to WEBGIS

Required install – this is needed to have the Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012 Native Client SP3 installed (Download) or Alternated Download for GIS4 SQL Client Install (SQL 2012SP3).

When connecting to SDE – you will need to use WEBGIS\GIS4SDE not GIS\GIS2SDE

Overview of GeoDatabase:
What is a Geodatabase

Creating an enterprise geodatabase (SQL Server)
Creating an Enterprise Geodatabase

Publishing Map Services

Help with Publishing Map Services:
How to Publish a Service

Creating Admin Connection to ArcGIS server:
Server URL: http://webgis.uwm.edu/arcgisuwm/admin

Setting Staging Folder: M:\ArcGISServer\data\yourlogin\Staging

Data for Project can be stored here at M:\ArcGISServer\data\yourlogin\

MXD data can be stored here: M:\ArcGISServer\mxd\yourlogin\

WEBGIS ArcGIS Server Login Information will be provide when account access is granted.